Saturday, July 31, 2004



Kulefornia is a fast way to text-message, phonetically.
It is simple, takes about 10 minutes to learn, is 'mistake-proof'
is completely 'write', etc. Give it a try! There are few rules!


This is about all you have to learn, the 'schwa' or 'uh' sound in English is represented either by the letter 'a', or is absent in certain syllables. You must experiment to see how this works-but English actually works this way, and how it is that doubled-letters indicate sounds which are present, no silent letters!
(And because English has many words which are pronounced exactly the same, 'sound-alike' words, a letter can be added to
show the difference if necessasary, but in context, the meaning should be clear.)

1. Letters may be doubled. 2. There are six 'single-letter words'. 3. Spell it like it sounds! L,R,M,N and other letters make there own syllables in certain combinations. 4. And some spellings are 'just as they are' because they are 'spelling conventions' or made that way on purpose for the larger picture, faster reading, etc. perfectly 'correct', if you keep in mind that although English is one of the easiest languages in the world to learn, the spelling are impossible.These are not 'abbreviated spellings' but 'bits-of-sound'.

Y='The'...A='A'...I='I'...N='N(AN or AND)... R='R (Are or Or)

Y tw v yem wr going tw y xo.(The two (tww) of them were going to the show) Wi went qn vkaexn lust wik. Hqw r iw dwwing in skwwl? Wairls iz a fjchr v yj Intrnet. Kun iw bring sm spgeti tw dinr? Aluska iz nir y Noryh pol. Chaina iz nir Raxa. Brqkali iz gron in fjldz. Etc


This paper is in draft form. to be revised later;

KULEFORNIA Copyright 2004 Casey Farrell